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Serious Gaming

Gaming to learn

Tell me and I forget, teach me and
I may remember, involve me and I learn
— Attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Given the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the current era and pertaining the limitations of traditional teaching methodologies, we embed Game Based Learning activities into our learning experience.

Why Serious Games

Serious Games are interactive learning tools designed for purposes other than entertainment. They usually help change behavior, attitude, understanding or knowledge. They allow players to push their boundaries, experiment, take decision, test strategies and make mistakes without any serious consequences. They encourage active learning and engagement and allow players create an emotional connection among them.

What we offer

Game Based Learning Activities. We use physical board and card games - non digital game) to enrich the learning experience in academic, corporate or continuous education environment.

Game Design Workshop. We design and facilitate game design & development workshop.

#Cybersecurity #Resilience #Complexity management #Game Design

We use a proprietary 5-step approach to leverage the collective intelligence generated during the gameplays. Some of the topics we cover, among many others.


Become a hacker and penetrate IT networks without being detected. A great board game for everyone to learn and reflect on potential critical impacts of minor cyber events.
Image : @jefflssantos

Complexity Management

Explore the interagency cooperation needed to address the emergency and early recovery phase of a complex humanitarian crisis.
Image : CICR / LENSSENS, Nicolas Guy


Will you manage to maintain a nation’s social cohesion & stability of its governance ?
Image : Robert Metz

Game Design Workshop

We will support you in your serious game development.

Image : @joszczepanska